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Your support helps UIS implement its mission — to develop globalinteractions between academic and technical speleologists and develop and coordinate international speleology in all of its scientific, technical, cultural and economic aspects.

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Select which purpose you want to dedicate your donation (if you do not select, it will be donated to the General Fund):


- Caving Activities 

All contributions to this category will be used to support significant international speleological expeditions.

- Non-Caving Activities

All contibutions to this category will be used to support non-caving activities related to organizing events, promotion and advertising of speleology and the UIS, support of national organizations applying for UIS membership, and other activities that support the mission of the UIS.

- General Fund

The UIS is free to use contributions to this category for any purpose that supports its mission.


The UIS appreciates all donations and their value to speleological exploration, research, and management. Donations to the UIS do not obligate the UIS in any way to the donor except to recognize the donor and use the donation in the way specified, as long it does not violate the UIS’ Statutes, Internal Regulations, Code of Ethics, or other guiding documents, goals, or principles, or any laws. UIS recognition of donors does not imply UIS support for any donor’s activities, practices, or principles, or any relationship between UIS and the donor beyond receipt of the donor’s gift.


Thank you for your donation, it helps UIS more effectively spread the idea and aims of UIS among the world‘s speleological community.

Your donations may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor.

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