UIS Annual Fees



The annual contribution to UIS is one of the following:

  • Category A: 300 EUR
  • Category B: 200 EUR
  • Category C:   50 EUR

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Annual Fees


Each UIS member country has the free choice of which category, in accordance with their relative financial position and the number of speleologists or speleological societies/ associations/ federations/ clubs/ institutions in their country.

The UIS Bureau is authorized to reduce or waive the contribution if the UIS member-country makes a written request. If the UIS Bureau requires, the UIS member country has to give reasons for the difficulties of a payment.

This authorization by the UIS Bureau to reduce or waive a contribution ensures that the inability to pay caused by actual political problems or difficulties will not be an argument to exclude any member country from international collaboration within the structure of the UIS. 


UIS Bank Account

Account name
Mednarodna speleološka zveza - UIS
Titov trg 2
SI-6230 Postojna


Account No.
IBAN SI56 1010 0003 7861 520


Bank (name and address)
Banka Koper d.d. Poslovna enota Postojna
Tržaška cesta 1
SI-6230 Postojna


Accepted Currencies:

  • USD (United States Dollars)
  • EUR (Euros)




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