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UIS Members are countries and the UIS Delegate and Deputy for a country should be chosen by the speleologists of that country, e.g. mutually by all the national speleo organisations of that country.

A new country can be admitted into the UIS by making a formal request. This request should be printed on letterhead paper and sent to the Secretary General of the UIS. It must contain the name of the organization submitting the request, as well as information about it and data showing that it is representative of speleology in the country. The request must indicate the names of the delegates and include the funds for the payment of the first annual fee (or a promise of payment at the upcoming ICS), as well as making it clear that the organization will respect the Statutes and standards of the UIS.

Any country where speleology is practiced, whatever its level of development, can apply to join the UIS. The acceptance of a new Member Country is ratified by a General Assembly.

Any Member Country which has more than a single speleological group should create an organization on a national level to represent the concerns of speleology in the country.

Each Member Country must appoint two Delegates (Regular and Substitute) to represent that country in the UIS and to participate in the General Assemblies.

Each Member Country must agree to pay the annual affiliation fees to the UIS. A country that has not paid all of its fees will not be allowed to participate in the General Assembly as a voting member.

The UIS encourages the sustainable use of the world’s speleological heritage and thus supports the initiatives of its Delegates and their Affiliated Entities in projects designed for such purposes in their home countries, while simultaneously respecting the legislation of each Member Country.

Once a new Member Country is formally accepted, the General Secretary of the UIS must communicate this fact in the UIS Bulletin and on the web site, and send the new Delegate a copy of all of the official documents of the UIS.

A Member Country that fails to communicate with the UIS or pay its fees for more than 3 (three) years may be removed from the UIS by a vote of the General Assembly following a recommendation by the Bureau. At such a time, the Member Country may immediately apply for reinstatement by a different national organization from that country along with payment for all unpaid fees. If the unpaid fees cannot be paid at that time, the national organization must wait until the next International Congress to reapply, at which time past unpaid fees will not be owed unless reinstatement is requested by the national organization that developed the debt.

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